Give Control of Your Education Data to Those Who Need It !! LudoData TMS is an integrated system which connects disparate data to create useful information. Now you can examine the relationships between different data types, such as attendance and discipline. Or change a student's address in one location and have the change reflected in all subsequent occurrences for that student.

As a web-based system, LudoData TMS provides the flexibility and accessibility needed in today's school systems. Authorized users can retrieve the relevant data they need from any computer with Internet access - anywhere, anytime, accessing the server simultaneously allowing real-time data entry. Security is provided by user group and by field/task to best protect confidentiality.

LudoData TMS will save you time through the system's one-time data entry capability, as well as the ease with which data can be retrieved and analyzed.

The system saves money because it is web-based, freeing up IT staff and resources from having to maintain a distributed system, thus enabling that staff to be more effective.

What can LudoData TMS do for you?

  • Student and Staff Demographics
  • Attendance
  • Transcripts
  • Scheduling
  • Grade Reporting
  • Discipline Tracking
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