Following are some interesting case studies and articles, which we would like to share with our visitors :

1. Determine the format.

Do you want videos? Audio clips? Slide shows? Written documents? Any and all formats will work, but as you decide, consider the ease of production for your customers and what you know about your prospects' preferred ways of learning. It's not wrong to have multiple formats, but there is great value in consistency and coherence in the format.

2. Determine the parameters.

What will count? What will the case study say? Start with the customer's goals-state what were they trying to accomplish with their purchase from you. Then include a description of your products and/or services that they purchased.

3. Create a template.

A template is the "look and feel" that you want the finished product to take. It's the outline of the story line, such as the script for an audio or video presentation.

4. Seek permission.

Be absolutely certain that you have the customer's permission to feature them in a case study and to use their name and logo. Some customers have a policy not to allow case studies, use of their name, or use of their logo.

5. Interview the customer.

You need to do all of the work for a case study. Someone on your staff should have the responsibility to call one or more key people on the customer's team to review the details. Equip that person with as much information as possible from your team's work with the customer. Focus on getting a few short, concise statements that will be memorable.

6. Create and review the case.

Finish the final draft or cut, and circulate it to your team for review, making changes if necessary. Send a final copy to the client for a final sign-off.

7. Publicize

Each new case study is an opportunity for a blog post, a Facebook and LinkedIn update, a newsletter item, a webpage announcement, a YouTube addition, a Pinterest post, and so on. Make it easy for your prospects to locate and download case studies from your website.

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